The Emmanuel College ManeID is the sign-on name that students, faculty, and staff use to access a wide range of online services at EC. Each ManeID has a password associated with it which needs to be supplied when accessing these services.  If you need to know what your ManeID username is, refer to

  • CRIS - Campus Resource Information System includes but not limited to Registration, Schedules, Bills, Financial Aid and other student related information. Click here to login to CRIS  
  • Email - Web based Email system for active students, faculty and staff.  Click here to login to email 

  • NetLearn - Online class system used by specific classes to turn in assignments and other class related activities. Click here to access NetLearn

  • Wireless Access - Your ManeID is used on campus to access the EC wireless network.

  • Time Clock - Your ManeID is used to clock in/out of Student workstudy assigned jobs on campus.  Click here to clock in/out.

  • Computer Lab Access - Your ManeID is used to log in to computer labs found in various locations on campus. 
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