Student User Account Information

If you are a student at Emmanuel College, you will have a user account setup the following day after you register for classes.  The username is in the following format:
s.{first initial}{middle initial}{lastname}  (complete username example: The password assigned to this account is last 4 digits of your social security number.  The complete username (see example above) will also be your email address.  The complete username is also used when logging into the computer labs on campus, logging into your email account at or logging into the registration system at   You will need to change your password in the computer labs by hitting <ctrl><alt><del> after logging into the computer with your 4 digit social security number.   

If you are a prospective student, graduated student, or returning student not registered for classes, you can still setup a username and password to access your registration system information.  Go to create a new account with a username and password.  The username can be any name you choose that is not already taken.  This account will not have an email address and can only be used to access the registration system.  It will not allow you to login with this username in the computer labs on campus. 

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