How to Reserve the Taylor AuditoriumHow to Reserve the Taylor Auditorium

Taylor Chapel Reservation

Reservation Contact: Dennis Duncan 

Equipment Contact: Guy Chapman 


Check the Taylor Chapel Calendar on the website to ensure that the date you are requesting is available; then complete the online reservation form. The request for this facility and/or equipment must be approved at least one week before the scheduled event. Only faculty or staff may reserve this facility and equipment for school functions.  Students must channel all requests through their club or activity advisor. 

Music department events, Cultural Awareness Program (C.A.P.) events, and campus-wide events (i.e. Homecoming) take precedence over all other requests. 

If you wish to use lighting, sound or video equipment, please include at least one hour before the event to setup and test the equipment. If you need practice/preparation time before the event, please reserve this time as well.   

After Ron McCullar has approved the reservation for Taylor Chapel, please submit an A/V WOP request at least 1 week before the event. DO NOT submit an email request. After the reservation has been approved, the faculty or staff member must make arrangements with Mrs. Powell for entry into the building if the event is held in the evening or on the weekend. A $10 refundable key deposit is required.

All groups reserving Taylor Chapel who move any of the stage equipment, instruments, chairs on the floor, etc. must return all items to their original positions. The use of this equipment is self service.  No students are provided to run the equipment. All users must receive an orientation to the booth as well as operating procedures. Please allow time in your reservation for this. 

The Yamaha grand piano may only be used for events approved by the music department, and may require a tuning fee. 

No food or drink is allowed, and all trash should be placed in the proper receptacles.


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